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Troy-Bilt® offers a full line of push and self-propelled, walk-behind lawn mowers to maintain lawns of many shapes and sizes. All walk-behind mowers also come with helpful features like the TriAction® cutting system. There are several factors that can narrow your search for a new walk-behind lawn mower. Those include whether or not you want to push the mower, your yard size and the type of terrain.

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PLAY More About Our Breakthrough Research

Tens of millions of people struggle with depression every day. The Hope for Depression research Foundation (HDRF) is working to change the way depression is diagnosed, treated, viewed and researched.

You can help with your voice, your dollars, and your compassion.

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Depression affects over
18 million people in the U.S.
each year,
regardless of age,
or socio-economic level.
Upcoming Events

Teens, Social Media and Mental Health Symposium The Paley Center for Media Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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Southampton, NY Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Staggering Statistics about Depression

Did you know that it...

Since the advent of the latest group of anti-depressants (SSRIs and SNRIs) almost thirty years ago, there has been virtually no change in the treatment of depression or new category of medication. Yet over 50% of patients with major depression do not respond to existing treatments.

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HDRF's Mission

Our goal is to fund the most advanced neuroscience research to:

Depressive Disorders

HDRF's work encompasses depression and its related mood disorders:


Our Unique, Collaborative Research Strategy HDRF is the leading non-profit focused solely on depression research, with an unprecedented Depression Research Road Map created and executed by our team of world renowned neuroscientists.

Young Neurons in the Hippocampus
Latest Research

The Depression Task Force has made remarkable research progress in 2017, which is outlined in our Research Report.

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Special Events

An important focus of HDRF's mission is to educate the public, correct misinformation, and reduce the stigma that still surrounds illnesses of the mind/brain.

"Messengers of Hope"

Outstanding celebrity speakers who have shared their own experience with depression or a related mood disorder have appeared at our Annual Seminars.


Walk of Hope + 5K Run to Defeat Depression

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Serum samples from 139 US patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection were studied using six different genotyping systems, including both molecular and serologic methods, to determine the applicability of these approaches and the prevalence of various HCV subtypes. The concordance of genotyping results based on the various systems (except for core polymerase chain reaction genotyping) was good (93.5%). Subtypes 1a and 1b were prevalent (37.4%). Subtypes 2a (2.2%), 2b (8.6%), and 3a (5.8%) were less common. HCV genotypes could not be determined in 3.4%-16.5% of samples depending on the method used. HCV type 2 was associated with greater histologic activity but lower serum HCV RNA levels (P < .05), whereas type 3 was associated with lower serum alanine aminotransferase levels (P < .05). These data demonstrate a high concordance between HCV genotyping systems and provide a foundation for comparison of genotyping data between studies using different systems. HCV types 1a and 1b are both prevalent in the United States.

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OBJECTIVE: To determine, using a serotyping assay, whether the occurrence of extrahepatic immunologic disorders in patients with chronic hepatitis C is dependent on hepatitis C virus serotype. DESIGN: Prospective study. SETTING: Liver unit and virology laboratory of a university hospital. PATIENTS: 59 consecutive patients with chronic hepatitis C. MEASUREMENTS: Hepatitis C virus serotype was determined using a recently developed immunoenzymatic assay that detects antibodies directed to serotype-specific immunodominant epitopes. Cryoglobulin, rheumatoid factor, and numerous antitissue antibodies were sought. Biopsies of labial salivary glands were done in 49 of the 59 patients. RESULTS: Prevalence was 59% for serotype 1, 10% for serotype 2, 12% for serotype 3, and 3% for mixed infection. Fifteen percent of patients could not be serotyped. Cryoglobulinemia was found in 36% of patients and rheumatoid factor was found in the serum of 71%. At least one antitissue antibody was found in the serum of 41% of patients; salivary gland biopsy showed lymphocytic capillaritis in 49% of patients. These immunologic abnormalities were seen in patients infected with any of the three serotypes, and prevalences of the abnormalities did not differ significantly among patients infected with different serotypes. CONCLUSIONS: We confirm that the prevalence of extrahepatic immunologic abnormalities is high in patients with chronic hepatitis C. These abnormalities may occur in patients infected with any of the three major hepatitis C virus serotypes now present in developed countries.

Watson HG , Ludlam CA , McOmish F , Dennis R , Hart H , Simmonds P . 1995. Absence of hepatitis A virus transmission by high-purity solvent detergent treated coagulation factor concentrates in Scottish haemophiliacs. Br J Haematol , 89 (1), pp. 214-216. | Givenchy Key Case in amp; Latest Cheap Price 0ilow
| Read more

Recent reports of hepatitis A virus (HAV) infection in haemophiliacs receiving high-purity solvent detergent (HP.SD) treated factor VIII concentrates have brought into question the efficacy of this virucidal method for inactivating HAV. To assess whether HAV may have been transmitted by HP.SD concentrates, we compared seroprevalence in haemophiliacs with different disease severity, sought evidence of seroconversion to HAV since introduction of HP.SD products, and directly examined concentrates for HAV RNA by PCR. Our data suggest that Scottish haemophiliacs are not being infected with HAV by HP.SD concentrates produced initially by CRTS Lille and presently by PFC Edinburgh and supplied by the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS).

Tisminetzky S , Gerotto M , Pontisso P , Chemello L , Prescott LE , Rose KA , Baralle F , Simmonds P , Alberti A . 1995. Comparison of genotyping and serotyping methods for the identification of hepatitis C virus types. J Virol Methods , 55 (3), pp. 303-307. | Show Abstract | Philippe model Sneaker calfskin smooth leather Logo gold red white Cheap Sale Top Quality Jtwc5gK

The usefulness of identification of hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype has recently been investigated for the clinical management of patients infected by HCV. In the present study, the HCV genotype infecting 127 patients was determined by two different methods: HCV genotyping using a dot-blot assay with type-specific probes derived from the 5'-UTR of HCV genome and HCV serotyping using an ELISA system in which type-specific antibodies against the NS4 region were detected. Overall, a good correlation of the two methods was observed, the main discrepancy being 4 patients with sequence-confirmed HCV-2 (2 cases) and HCV-3 (2 cases) genotypes recognized as HCV-1 by serotyping. Mixed infections were not detected by either method. In 19 PCR negative sera, in which the HCV genotype could not be evaluated, no particular serotype profile was observed. In conclusion, the molecular and serological techniques are almost equivalent in determining the viral type, although in individual cases, especially in PCR negative patients, the clinical meaning of the serotyping result remains to be determined.

Smith DB , Davidson F , Simmonds P . 1995. Hepatitis C virus variants and the role of genotyping. J Hepatol , 23 Suppl 2 (2), pp. 26-31. | Show Abstract

Hepatitis C virus demonstrates considerable divergence in nucleotide sequence. This variation may affect virus detection, disease outcome, and the effectiveness of interferon treatment. For example, infection with genotype 1 is associated with a lower response rate to interferon treatment. Hepatitis C virus can be classified into six distinct types, comprising at least 74 different subtypes. Both types and subtypes are subject to geographical differences in distribution, presumably reflecting the epidemiological history of the virus. However, because this history may be blurred by migration and by commerce in blood products between regions, screening and typing assays must recognize both the major indigenous and more exotic virus genotypes. Little information exists about the role of virus sequence variation in screening for hepatitis C virus antibodies, but there is some evidence that the reactivity of current serological screening assays for hepatitis C virus is genotype dependent. In the future, screening assays may need to include antigens specific for different virus types or may need to be designed with regard to the particular types found in a certain area. Antigenic variation may also mean that an effective vaccine needs to be multivalent to protect against all genotypes present in a given region. There are several polymerase chain reaction-based methods of distinguishing between hepatitis C virus variants. These methods must be continually updated, however, as new sequence variants are discovered. Alternative genotyping assays are based on the host's serological response to virus infection, but these cannot distinguish between virus subtypes and are unsuitable for immunocompromised patients. As more countries are sampled, it is likely that more genotypes will be identified and this may help elucidate the origins of hepatitis C virus. Detailed epidemiological studies may delineate past and current routes of transmission.





An enzyme linked immunosorbent assay has been recently developed which detects and distinguishes between infections with the three major hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotypes prevalent in Europe. Using this assay we have investigated the sera of 30 Italian and 37 Spanish children with chronic hepatitis C. Infection with HCV type 1 was found in 43% of Italian and 46% of Spanish children. Of the Italian children 7% were infected with HCV of type 2 and 7% had a mixed type 1/type 2 serotype. Infection with HCV type 3 was found in 7% of Italian and 8% of Spanish children while 36% of Italian and 46% of Spanish children had non-reactive sera. Serotype 3 was significantly more frequent in children with anti-HCV positive mothers (often drug abusers) than in those with percutaneous exposure (25% vs. 2%, p < 0.05). Mean alanine aminotransferase values were significantly higher in children with HCV type 1 than in those with non-reactive sera (P < 0.05). These results indicate a similar distribution of HCV serotypes in Italian and Spanish children. Serotype 1 is prevalent and associated with a more severe liver damage. The relevant proportion of non-reactive sera could be related to the existence of genetic variants different from those explored by the test and with low pathogenicity, or to a poor antibody response to viral antigens of the NS4 region in a consistent subgroup of children. © 1995.

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The 5' end of the NS-4 protein of different genotypes of hepatitis C virus (HCV) is highly variable in nucleotide and inferred amino acid sequence, with frequent predicted amino acid substitutions between all six of the major HCV genotypes described to date. This region has been shown to be antigenic by epitope mapping, and elicits antibody in HCV-infected individuals with a detectable type-specific component. We have used this sequence data to specify branched peptides for an indirect binding/competition assay to detect type-specific antibody to each major genotype. A total of 183 out of 210 samples (87%) from blood donors and patients with chronic hepatitis C infected with genotypes 1 to 6 showed detectable type-specific antibody to NS-4 peptides that in almost all cases (> 97 %) corresponded to the genotype detected by a PCR typing method. These findings demonstrate the existence of major antigenic differences between genotypes of HCV, and indicate how infection with different variants of HCV may be detected by a serological test.


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